miércoles, 14 de diciembre de 2016

Jordan in the map
Jordan, a land between war and beauty
Many of you may thing it is crazy to visit a place surrounded by so dangerous neighbours: Palestine, Israel, Egypt and so on, but think for a moment: Jordan is extremely beautiful, the landscapes are amazing, the monuments completely astonishing (from Petra to Jerash, from mosques to Roman remains).
In addition, what about the fantastic experience of relaxing on the Dead Sea, the only one in the world where you can never sink?
Image of Petra

To sum up, we should also mention the deserts. The view of the Wadi Rum and its colours and feels will be something you will never forget in your holy life.
Wadi Rum desert

Last, but not least: how long do you think you can visit these places? Perhaps you have been for a long time longing for visiting Egypt, Libia, Siria and ... will you dare to do that now? So, reflect for a moment: it is possible by now visiting Jordan. Please, do it and you will not be disappointed.
To know more, click in the following link: www.visitjordan.com/

3 comentarios:

  1. So dangerous neighbours
    In addition (too formal)
    To sum up (is it a conclusion?)
    Colours and feels
    Your holy life
    how long do you think you can visit these places?
    it is possible by now visiting Jordan.

  2. such dangerous neighbours
    We should also mention the deserts
    Colours and feels (I don not know how to correct)
    Your whole life
    For how long...?
    It is posible to visit Jordan by now

    1. Colours and feels - colours and emotions it arises (I'm not sure that's what you mean)
      Last two: we'll have to talk about them in class. I'm not sure what you mean